Dual Stability Ab Wheel – Core Roller


Ab wheels are great for toning abs, building muscle and burning fat. Designed with a strong and sturdy base for home or gym use.

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Black Mountain Products ab roller offers a dual wheel design for superior balance and functionality. Each wheel is designed with a strong and sturdy base for gym and home use. Ab wheels are the perfect choice for toning abs, building muscle and burning fat. Using the Black Mountain Product double ab wheel allows you to strengthen your core, as well as your shoulders, arms and back. Each ab wheel is ready to use out of the box, with no assembly required. All B.M.P. ab rollers come with a lifetime warranty.All products ship in “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.”

  • Double wheel for smooth functionality and balance
  • Strong sturdy design for gym or home use
  • Great for abs, core and upper body development
  • Each ab wheel  comes with a lifetime warranty
  • No assembly required
  • All Black Mountain Products come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty *

* Not valid on products used commercially.

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Weight 1.31 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6.75 × 6 in


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