Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Protective Sleeve


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Black Mountain Products Protective Band Sleeve is a barrier that can be used to protect and preserve the integrity of your exercise bands from damage due to friction with rough surfaces. The resistance band sleeve is designed with high-quality nylon, heavy-duty stitching, and a durable neoprene padding. The fitness band sleeve is convenient and easy to use, simply open the sleeve using the Velcro seal, lay your bands in the padded area, and seal the Velcro back up. Proactive sleeves can be used to wrap around any objects and can be used to stand on while exercising.
Increases life of resistance bands by preventing friction with rough surfaces. Made from strong nylon, heavy duty stitching, and a padded neoprene barrier. Easy to install and remove – lightweight design. Allows use of resistance bands on any surface. Lifetime Warranty on all exercise band protective sleeves.

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Dimensions 5 × 7 × 2 in


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