2000 Lbs. Static Strength Stability Ball with Pump – Blue

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Professional Grade Stability Ball in Blue, Rated up to 2,000 lbs.

Designed to improve your core strength, balance and overall agility, Black Mountain Products stability exercise balls feature dense walls for ultimate support and durability. Weight-rated up to 2,000 lbs. and available in 5 sizes for the perfect fit based on your height.



Black Mountain Products professional-grade stability equipment improves your core strength, balance, and overall agility.

Black Mountain Products exercise balls are designed with dense walls for the ultimate support and durability, and are weight-rated up to 2000 lbs.

All products ship “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.”

Size options: 45cm (5’ and below), 55 cm ( 5′ to 5′ 6″ tall), 65 cm (5’6″ to 6′ tall) and 75 cm ( 6′ to 6 5″) 85cm (6′ 5″ and over)

  • Designed to improve core strength, balance and overall agility
  • Professional grade exercise balance ball is weight-rated up to 2,000 lbs
  • Choose from 5 size options for the perfect fit based on your height
  • Includes exercise pump and exercise guide
  • All Black Mountain Products come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty *

* Not valid on products used commercially.

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Ball Sizes

45cm, 45cm – 5 Pack, 45cm – 10 Pack, 55cm, 55cm – 5 Pack, 55cm – 10 Pack, 65cm, 65cm – 5 Pack, 65cm – 10 Pack, 75cm, 75cm – 5 Pack, 75cm – 10 Pack, 85cm, 85cm – 5 Pack, 85cm – 10 Pack

10 reviews for 2000 Lbs. Static Strength Stability Ball with Pump – Blue

  1. JH

    I wish there were instructions on how to use the enclosed pump to inflate the ball. I had to call the company to figure it out. But once I knew what to do, it was easy to inflate the ball. It’s been six days and the ball hasn’t lost any air. It’s a sturdy ball with nice rubbery surface. The ball is very responsive and provides good support. I am very satisfied with the quality of the ball.

  2. B

    The first thing I noticed- There is no plastic or rubber chemical smell! It is hard to find a product like this. It is made in the USA, which is another plus. When you remove it from the box, you can tell it is a quality product as it is. The rubber is pretty think un-inflated.

    I got the blue 65cm ball. It took about 10-15 minutes to inflate using the pump included in the packaging. (Directions say you must use that pump so it doesn’t over/under inflate). It took a minute to learn, but was easy. They are helpful, so be sure to read them. I am using the ball for PT exercises. I don’t weigh that much, but I wanted a sturdy reliable ball that wouldn’t roll over something and burst. This turned out to be a perfect fit. I have recommended it to my Physical Therapist if other people need it.

    Overall I would give this product a 5 out of 5.

    I have had it for about a month. No complaints! I would definitely purchase again. It is reasonably priced, and they have good customer service.

  3. Travis Ritenour

    great ball helps me as a autistic individual it helps me calm down by laying on it and rolling back and forth

  4. Angela

    I search high and low for a stability ball with a weight limit higher than 250. I found this one online and no other ball could compare. After two weeks of searching I was very confident this was the one I wanted. I could not be happier! Perfect for my desk and the best customer service around. I have called numerous times with questions and they were always very polite and helpful. I highly recommend this ball.

  5. Mostafizur Rahaman

    i was looking for something for my leg problem as well as some exercise for my diabetics. i found this producte from walmart. lucky i purchase with a discount and found amazing this product. not only me but also my wife as well as my 2 years old kid have fun with this ball. i found lots of exercise tips and techniques with this ball that were very helpful for my leg muscles improvement. Also, this product is very good for abdomen exercise especially for lowering fat. wonderful product. thanks.

  6. Drew Raynor

    We are using this product at our hospital for pregnant moms. The materials seems very sturdy and no awful smell! It seems a bit small, smaller than our 65 cm balls, but I was told that it should stretch out over time. Glad to find a ball that can accommodate pregnant moms safely!

  7. Michelle Miller

    I purchased this stability ball back in March for my knee injury and I am super happy with it! I have been able to use it for a complete at home program for my injury and it has exceeded my expectations. It is made extremely well and is perfect for many different needs! I would recommend this to everyone!

  8. Shannon Purdy

    I have to say I have gone threw a lot of excersie balls, most not lasting a month. I had this ball over 2 years and it’s been amazing. It’s a high grade quality you can’t even find anywhere else. So thank you for being amazing brand. I will repurchase this product again.

  9. Dale J. Veith

    I’ve been using stability balls for more than 10 years. The one I am currently using is from Black Mountain Products and it is one of the highest quality stability balls I’ve seen. I use it as a chair nearly all day long plus I have a base with therapy bands on it that I can use in conjunction with the ball for resistance training right in my office. It’s a great way to integrate movement into one’s work day.

  10. Phil Gaptoit

    This is the third stability ball I’ve bought from Black Mountain because I refuse to buy elsewhere! These balls are fantastic. No slip, no smell, and tough. I bought the 85 cm, and yes….using the small pump, it takes a long time to fill, but it’s a good arm/leg workout! I will continue ordering products from this company.

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