Professional Grade Stability Ball

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  • 2000 lbs static weight rated
  • 1000 lbs anti-burst rated
  • Professional grade exercise balance ball – Pro series
  • Includes ball pump and Starter brochure
  • B.M.P exercise balls come with manufacturer’s Warranty
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Black Mountain Products professional grade stability balls are exceptionally durable exercise balls designed for gym, office, and home use.

Each pro series ball is designed to hold 2000 lbs. of static weight and is Anti-burst resistance up to 1000 lbs. of static weight.

Black Mountain Products gym balls can improve your core strength, balance, and overall agility. Each exercise ball is designed with dense walls for the ultimate support and durability for any use.

Size options include:

  • 45 cm (5′ and under)
  • 55 cm (5′ to 5′ 6″ tall)
  • 65 cm (5’6″ to 6′ tall)
  • 75 cm (6′ to 6 5″)
  • 85 cm (6′ 5″ or taller)

Additional information

Weight N/A
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45cm – Black, 45cm Black – 5 Pack, 45cm Black – 10 Pack, 55cm – Black, 55cm Black – 5 Pack, 55cm Black – 10 Pack, 65cm – Black, 65cm Black – 5 Pack, 65cm Black – 10 Pack, 75cm – Black, 75cm Black – 5 Pack, 75cm Black – 10 Pack, 85cm – Black, 85cm Black – 5 Pack, 85cm Black – 10 Pack, 55cm – Blue, 55cm Blue – 5 Pack, 55cm Blue – 10 Pack, 65cm – Blue, 65cm Blue – 5 Pack, 65cm Blue – 10 Pack, 75cm – Blue, 75cm Blue – 5 Pack, 75cm Blue – 10 Pack, 85cm Blue, 85cm Blue – 5 Pack, 85cm Blue – 10 Pack, 55cm – Purple, 55cm Purple – 5 Pack, 55cm Purple – 10 Pack, 65cm – Purple, 65cm Purple – 5 Pack, 65cm Purple – 10 Pack, 75cm – Purple, 75cm Purple – 5 Pack, 75cm Purple – 10 Pack

73 reviews for Professional Grade Stability Ball

  1. Xander Lago

    The quality of the ball is amazing and has a nice feel to it when sitting on it in shorts against your legs. The air as long as you put the stopper in it correctly keeps the ball inflated without you having to always pump it up. The best thing about the purchase was the pump that comes with it. You can use your foot or you can use your hands to inflate it. I prefer to use my hands. I will definitely purchase more products by B.M.P in the future. The quality is very good.

  2. Gracelyn Beck

    My coworker and I purchased two exercise balls and are using them at our desks instead of our chairs. We are feeling great! They are. Extremely durable and comfortable. Excellent purchase! I have told everyone about the company and have recommended them.

  3. Kim

    The stability ball in amazing. I purchased it to use at work being that I sit behind a desk all day. The quality of the ball is great. I have to say it is working out perfectly. Some of my co-workers are thinking about doing the same thing. I would highly recommend this product and will absolutely order other products from B.M.P.

  4. ruth

    I am so excited about my new stability ball that arrived 2 days ago ! The quality is AMAZING ! My trainer told me to get one size up than what i already have. I love the 75cm size because I am 6’1. I will definitely be shopping at B.M.P.again.

  5. Phillip N.

    These stability balls are awesome!
    I must tell people about it!!

  6. Lyn (verified owner)

    I purchased this based on the suggestion of my personal trainer to increase my balance and core strength. I use it daily as my office chair and love it. Now everyone in the department wants one and we’ll be ordering really soon! Easy to inflate, durable and very comfortable! Love, love, LOVE!

  7. Kyle

    Purchased the stability ball to use at my desk. As a graduate student, I unfortunately spend long hours sitting at my desk studying. I now use the stability ball while sitting and it works great. As previous reviewers mentioned, the quality is excellent and it is really comfortable.

  8. V. Whigham

    First time user. I’ve had this ball for approx 2wks. I’ve used it for Pilates and watching tv. It’s very comfortable and durable. I have already recommended to others. I love this ball????

  9. Judith Brink

    Very pleased with this product. I have heard great remarks about the customer service at Black Mountain Products.

  10. Kylie

    I am very pleased with this product. I ordered two for the athletic training room for the high school I work at and they have been holding up great!

  11. Dolly

    Very durable, blows up quickly and I use it as a play toy for my horse, she loves it!

  12. Michael L.

    First time user of BMP. Very happy with this purchase. I bought this ball to supplement my exercise routine, but I also find myself using it at my desk now too. Very comfortable and durable. Five stars!

  13. P Friedman

    Good product, good customer service, prompt delivery. I use it at my desk and to improve posture.

  14. Nathan Weis

    Big fan of this stability ball. Well made, easy to inflate / deflate, solid pricing. i like the material as well. durable and non-slippy!
    overall this is a great product / buy. i highly suggest a purchase if you are seeking an exercise ball.

  15. Nancy

    This stability ball is perfect for my needs. I use it for my “chair” at work, and it is the perfect height and firmness. I chose purple, and it is a pleasant color…I am very happy and satisfied with this purchase!

  16. Darcy Tucci

    I ordered this stability ball to use at my desk at work for good posture and core strength. I also incorporate my regular strength/stability and balance exercises at break time. I have been a certified personal trainer/fitness instructor for over 20 years and have used a stability ball on a regular basis with my clients. I will definitely be recommending this professional grade stability ball to my current and future clients. It is durable, comfortable and very quick and easy to inflate! 5 Stars!!!

  17. Alfie G (verified owner)

    I’ve had this stability ball for almost a week. I use it primarily for working in my office and it is amazingly comfortable. Not only is it comfortable, but it keeps me readjusting my back posture and indirectly improve my core as well. Recently I’ve been having lower back pains and I wanted to make a change to my daily work environment. This stability ball hit the spot. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their posture at a work office.

  18. Jeremiah Johnson

    I recently bought this ball to use a a chair for my computer desk. Its great. I’m 6ft tall and the 75cm size ball works perfect for me. Thank You.

  19. Allison

    I just received my stabilty ball and love it! I have had cheap ones from Walmart that lose air quickly and don’t seem to be the right fit. This ball I feel comfortable will hold my weight and is a very durable material. Highly recommend!

  20. Douglas Journey

    Excellent exercise ball exactly as shown, great quality!

  21. GG

    Love this thing for sitting at work. Keeps me active and sitting straight. Great quality, and great pumping instructions.

  22. Heidi

    This was just what we needed for our at-home work-out program that we started a few months ago. Easy to inflate, holds air great. Just as advertised.

  23. Maria

    This ball is sturdy and versatile. I use it for workouts as well as a desk chair when I am working from home. I feel confident it can hold my weight, the material is solid, and best of all the company and the people I have communicated with for one reason or another regarding the product have always been helpful and so nice. The pumping is easy-peasy and quick. A great price for a great quality product and I know my money is well spent, not only because I enjoy the stability ball, but because Black Mountain Products makes it a worthy investment toward a company of good people. So appreciative!

  24. Mackenzie

    We use them here at our fitness center and so far all our clients are happy with the product, we have had them out on the floor for 3 months. Comes with a pump and samples of what you can do with the ball, which is a great resource to post in our centers.

  25. Sharon

    I work from home and looked into getting this because of constant low back pain, etc. I have had mine now for 2 years and lower back pain is gone! I even use it when sewing. It is easy to inflate. Love it!

  26. Alice

    We purchased several of these stability balls in various sizes. They have been great so far. Very easy to inflate, good quality, and nice texture. We use them as part of our weight room workout out for our college team, and we have been really pleased with the durability!

  27. Ying

    I bought this stability ball after seeing many good reviews about it online, and it did not disappoint. Compared to another gym ball that I have, this professional grade stability ball from B.M.P is sturdier and is made of a better quality material. I am using it as a chair at my desk to improve my sitting posture, and as an gym ball (it is capable of taking on some serious weights!). Would highly recommend this product!

  28. Maria

    Very high quality ball. I’ve been using for a while now is the perfect yoga ball and it’s as good as the day I got it.

  29. Gayle

    I bought a 55 and 65 and am using them for physical therapy. Have had them for a week and am very happy with them they do exactly what they should and make my life easier as far as the exercises go. I wish they had a book that came with them with some other exercises because when I am done with the physical therapy I would like to use the balls further. I had leg problems so I wish it was auto inflatable but that is not a negative. I would definitely reccomend this product.

  30. Tammy

    I am very pleased with this product. It is easy to inflate. I have read about people using it for a desk chair and will give it a try. I have also heard good remarks about the customer service at Black Mountain Products.

  31. I. Chowdry

    We are very pleased with this product. It was purchased to help my mother who is in therapy after her knee replacement surgery. The quality of the product is great and the product was shipped quickly!

  32. K. Sandknop

    I ordered the 65″ and 55″ balls for my physical therapy gym. I often use one or the other with each patient and they have been great! The material is very strong and easy to clean. Blowing it up was simple. I would definitely recommend this to anybody- home or business.

  33. Lisa A. Hansen

    The stability ball has been challenging but fun. My son and I both use it and find it to be a good asset to our workouts!

  34. George

    I ordered the 55cm ball as an office chair. I’m 5′ 10″, and it fits great. BMP products are always well made, so I was a little disappointed to find that the pump that was included was so flimsy. It worked, but it doesn’t seem sturdy.

  35. HB Quach

    I purchased an exercice ball last summer, because the one I had from the another company always kept deflating and couldn’t handle lots of air pressure. I’m very happy with the Black Mountain ball, very sturdy and didn’t have to inflated after the first inflation. And it was at a very competitive price compared to other brand. definitely recommending it!

  36. Kelsey

    This exercise ball is great! I have no complaints. Works like it should, durable, easy to inflate. Thank you BMP!!

  37. Lana McTaggart

    I ordered my 55cm ball before just Christmas because I knew I would need a little extra effort to help shed the holiday meal pounds, so far so good. I still go to my classes at the gym but this gets me off the sofa while watching tv. The pump was easy to use and the ball is still fully inflated. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and recommend it to anyone.

  38. George McTaggart

    I am very happy with my 65cm ball. It only took a minute to inflate and have a good bounce ! It has held air since day one without any noticeable loss of pressure and keeps me out of the recliner for 30 to 45 minutes a day, soon to progress to a full hour of motion instead of complete laziness this was just the ticket. This 71 year old gives this ball a five star rating as I’m sure it helps me with stability and balance as well.

  39. Dahlia

    Good quality ball. The ball is thick and durable. Inflation takes about 10 minutes. I use the ball to exercise my arms. The ball makes exercising fun!

  40. Zachary Lomita

    I recently bought this product and have no complaints.
    I am currently using it as a replacement for a desk chair and i can already feel the difference!
    The focus on my posture has been obvious and it is constantly working my core and other muscles by just sitting down!
    I have received many compliments from co-workers.
    I do plan to use this ball for exercise as well.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is trying to improve their posture and overall health!

  41. Joe Cross

    I recently had an interior back fusion this past year. Needed something to get my core stomach muscles back to normal after being moved in every direction other than what I was born with. I have only been taking it slow with 5 min a night and working up to 15 min. Now able to do a full 30 min with out to much pain. As they say no pain no gain. Its true! PT also recommended to use a ball. I did the research and found this one to be one of the best and it holds up. I ended up purchasing 2 different sizes one for my self and my wife. Both took a little time to fill up by using the supplied pump. Its also very important that you use a seamstress tape and measure the actual width as you don’t want to pull it apart and half to re-air it again. ( it needs to be at the measurement they state for the size you purchase ) I believe in buy it once and do it right first time correctly. Very good quality material and holds up to my abuse.

  42. Ava

    My Brother recently bought this product and absolutely loves it. He also bought the Heavy Duty Dip Stand and now uses them together. Thanks!

  43. Carmen

    I purchased 10 of the 65cm stability balls for my workout facility. I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service of this company, the quality of products, and the reasonable pricing. Prior to purchasing these balls from Black Mountain Products, I purchased 55cm stability balls from another company/brand a year ago, at a price which was about 2.5 times the amount (had I known the difference in price at that time I would have saved myself a lot of $$ money and, as explained next, frustration over many of the product features of the other brand). When comparing the two products, I highly recommend the Black Mountain stability balls over the other brand of stability balls. First, the stability balls of Black Mountain are easy to inflate, especially since a hand-pump was included with each ball. My experience of inflating the OTHER brand’s stability balls was a long, inefficient process: 1 – unfold, 2 – wait 24 hours for the material to acclimate to proper room temperature, 3 – pump up to 75% capacity using an air compressor, 4 – wait another 24 hours of the material to acclimate, 5 – finish inflating to 100% capacity. On the contrary, the Black Mountain balls were able to be inflated within minutes of removal from the package. And, the hand-pump is very convenient! We had all 10 balls inflated by the end of the day and available for use at our facility. So, in addition to the friendly customer service, another great first-impression was made as we prepared the product for use! 🙂 On the workout floor we have been pleased with the quality of these stability balls. When compared to the material of the other brand, the Black Mount stability ball has a non-slippery texture. In addition, the surface is relatively smooth whereas the other brand’s stability balls have very rigid grip lines, which are uncomfortable during use and leave pressure point marks on the skin after extended contact with the ball during an exercise movement. So, in addition to the non-slip material, the Black Mountain stability ball is much preferred by our customers for comfort. I highly recommend this company and this product (and I should also note here that I am a huge fan of Black Mountain’s resistance bands!).

  44. Courtney Y.

    By far the best exercise ball I’ve ever used. Not only does it have adjustable sizes, but it comes with its own pump. On my way to abs thanks to black mountain products. The resistance bands are excellent as well. I can work virtually any muscle with 3 different levels of resistance. Highly recommend.

  45. Brittany

    I ordered two 85cm balls for my two bosses – they were pretty easy to inflate! These are great balls for not just fitness use but as a substitute for a hard, uncomfortable desk chair. They help maintain posture and relieve back pain. Plus – it’s fun to just bounce when all else fails!

  46. Jackie Weidner

    I purchased a 55 cm ball because that is what I had been using at my wellness center. Apparently the ball at the wellness center was not properly inflated because the 55 cm I got from Black Mountain Products was too large for me. I am 4 ‘ 10 “. So, my suggestion is to follow the guidelines given in the description of the stability ball. I bought the correct size for my height(45cm) and have been much happier with it. I do use the larger ball as a seat when I’m at the computer. I have osteoporosis & I particularly like being able to do squats against a wall with the ball at my back. The quality of the ball is first rate & the blue color is pleasant. I’d definitely shop Black Mountain Products for my future exercise equipment needs.

  47. Casey Pentecost

    I ordered the black 75 cm excercise ball. Excellent product. I recommend it to any one.

  48. Mitch

    I bought this for myself to use at home. I bought the 75cm exercise ball, when i first opened the box and took it out i saw right away it was good thick quality. I’ve used it several times fully pumped up and it is sturdy and well made. i highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy one.

  49. cmarma

    nice ball, took a while to inflate.

  50. Kiana Garcia

    Very impressed. Purchased my very first stability ball from this company. The 65cm ball is very sturdy, and quite simple to inflate and deflate. If you are in the market for a quality stability ball, and aren’t trying to put a hole in your pocket I would definitely recommend thos product.

  51. Tony B

    Very impressed with the stability ball. My old one bit the dust. This new one from BMP seems very sturdy. I have used it several times and really like it. You will not be disappointed.

  52. Carolyn B (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase from this company. I am VERY impressed. This stability ball is thick and sturdy. It comes with a pump which is quick and easy to use. I have used the ball for a week now and it is MUCH better than my old stability ball. If I need any other type of equipment, I will definitely purchase from BMP again. They are VERY helpful and genuinely interesting in providing the best service they can. Thanks BMP!!!

  53. Rebecca Gigante

    Great product, very easy to blow up and quality materials. I use it at work to keep my core workout going every day. I ordered the largest size so I can sit on it and work at my desk at the same time.

  54. Taylor Morris

    Purchased the stability ball for my at home gym and it is perfect. The quality is awesome. Very durable and comfortable to use. Looking forward to purchasing more from Black Mountain products.

  55. Jade Leveque

    I actually used this ball to help with my pregnancy and labour! This is the only thing that has helped dramatically with my back pain and contractions. I replaced my desk chair with it and even use it while doing laundry, ect. Im extremely impressed with the quality and the customer service is amazing. I plan to purchase some of their yoga equipment once my body is ready for exercise again.

  56. Ambuyre Hollis

    I saw this product on groupon and decided to give it a try. I am nine months pregnant and am in love with this yoga ball. I was worried with my weight that I would burst it but that has yet happen even with bouncing on it. My two year old also loves to play with it. I will be making more purchases from this company. I will say tho if you have kid put the pump away after using it. My child actually broke the pump while playing with it.

  57. Tyler

    This ball works great! Easy to follow instructions with pump included for inflation. I’m 6′ 1″ and the suggested sizing that’s listed when you’re purchasing accurate (75 cm ). Its extremely sturdy, holds up to whatever you need it for!

  58. Conner

    I bought a stability ball for my wife during her pregnancy. She used it quite a bit and found relief from pregnancy-related pain she was having. I decided to get one for myself for the office, as I have herniated discs in my lower back. It has been very helpful so far as well. Quick return on arrival from order, and easy to assemble.

  59. Eleanor Young

    I purchased the 75cm ball about 2 months ago. I use it at work as my desk chair. It has made such a difference in my chronic lower back pain due to arthritis & sitting all day. Using it has improved my posture immensely. I also use the ball at home for core exercises & balance. I was struck by the quality of this ball. I definitely feel like it will last a long time. I will look to Black Mountain products in the future

  60. Marc McClain

    I have been using this stability ball for the last 2 months every workday. I have a walking treadmill at work with a height-adjustable desk. I use this ball when I want to take a break and sit at the desk. I can’t use an office chair on the treadmill so this ball works out perfectly. I’m a big guy (300 pounds) and the ball has not had any issues staying inflated or supporting my weight. I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a stability ball.

  61. Chad

    I purchased this stability ball more as a replacement to my office chair and it is extremely comfortable. After reading many reviews on various brands, I found Black Mountain to have some of the highest, which made my choice easy. Airing it up was simple (had an air compressor), but I didn’t use the provided pump. It expanded to the desired size that I purchased and is holding the air fine. Also, I can tell that the material used for the ball is of a denser material and really holds up well. I’ve had no problems with it thus far, and have not had any problems with slipping off or it slipping out from under me. Great product that I hope to use well into the future. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a stability ball.

  62. Andrew W.

    I purchased a 65cm fitness ball from BMP after trying my wife’s smaller 55cm. Definitely get the right size for your height… it makes a difference! My wife’s was by Fitness Gear. The quality of the BMP ball is much better. The feel and material of the ball was nicer. Also the hand/foot pump was better too. However, I’d use an electric pump to fill it up initially if you have one, then use the hand pump to maintain the air pressure. Along with fitness, this ball works great for bouncing/soothing an infant too. Highly recommend this product from BMP!

  63. BD_TX

    Excellent product backed by superior service. I had an issue with a missing part (my problem). One email to customer service and a new part was in the mail, no questions asked. I am a very satisfied customer.

  64. techman56

    As with all the different Black Mountain Products we own, this exercise ball is excellent. Both in quality and usefulness, I like how well made the ball is and what it does for my back. I use this ball to stretch and sit on while at my desk and even watching tv. Obviously, the stretching is where I get the most relief and sitting on the ball helps keep my core more stable and also strengthens it. As for workmanship, the ball is thicker than others I’ve used, and has a tacky surface that won’t slip. I would highly recommend this brand if you want a quality exercise ball.

  65. Shelby

    I sit on this stability all the time, loved it so much I bought another one!

  66. Tom Arneson

    I’ve had the 75cm ball for over a month now and it’s holding up well; it’s good quality. I use it for both exercise and for a chair at work. I am 5’11” and feel that for a chair, this is a good size. I might opt for the 65cm if I were using it only for exercise.

  67. FRANK

    I have the 75 cm ball and it works great for deep mid-low backstretch. being 6’1 250lbs it holds up more than I expected.

  68. newuser

    I have the 65 cm ball and works great for low impact stretch. Seems it will last a long time,

  69. Elizabeth H.

    I have both the 75 cm ball (which is a great size for my husband) and just received the 65 cm ball for myself as a Christmas gift. I have had the 75 cm ball for about 4 years and love it, and am happy to have one that is better suited to my size now. I use it for yoga, stretching, prenatal workouts, and plan to use it to bounce my baby, just like I did with my first baby. I’ve been very happy with the quality. The pump for my first one fell apart at some point, but I never called for a replacement and now have a new one for the new ball which is great. Thanks BMP!

  70. Tim Bardhi

    This exercise and stability ball was more than I expected for the price! High-quality rubber easy to inflate, came with a pump and has not let me down since the day I started using it. I highly recommend this product because I can guarantee that for the other amount of money you will not find a better exercise ball. Thank you BMP

  71. Joe Rogaine

    Definitely happy with this purchase. The exercise ball is of superior quality. Please pay attention to static weight limits when shopping for exercise balls as you can see nothing even comes close to the Black Mountain Product brand.

  72. Melissa M

    This ball is amazing. We bought it years ago, and It feels like I have only had to pump it up once. It stays firm and keeps the air in much better than any other stability ball I have purchased. Seriously, nothing compares.
    Also, the owners are really great and this company has fantastic customer service. I recommend to everyone!

  73. Jamie M

    This Ball is very well made great quality very strong rubber. It has met all my expectations so far, I purchased the 55cm ball great for the wife’s size but think I will order a 75cm ball next for myself. Thanks BMP

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