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Mountain Pose

  1. Stand tall with feet together. Relax shoulders and distribute weight evenly through soles of feet. Arms at sides.
  2. Inhale slowly while lifting arms laterally overhead, turning palms to face inward.
  3. Transition to Forward Fold (next pose) or exhale slowly and return arms to sides.

Forward Fold

  1. Begin in Mountain Pose.
  2. Exhale while bending forward at waist keeping arms straight as you descend.
  3. Bring palms to yoga block(s) or floor keeping legs and knees straight.
  4. Transition to Front Lunge or inhale and raise arms and chest back to Mountain Pose

Front Lunge

  1. From Forward Fold, inhale and step R foot toward back of mat.
  2. Exhale and lift chest – raise arms above head. L knee should be at a 90° angle.
  3. Hold pose for 2-3 full slow breaths.
  4. Return to Forward Fold and repeat with L leg.
  5. Transition to Plank or return to Forward Fold.

Warrior One

  1. From R Front Lunge, turn R foot to a 45° angle and press sole into mat.
  2. Inhale while lifting chest and arms up toward ceiling facing toward L leg. Turn pinky fingers toward each other and press shoulders away from ears.
  3. Maintain 90° angle in L knee, straighten R leg by squeezing thigh muscles.
  4. Work to square hips forward while maintaining R foot position. Hold for 4-5 full slow breaths.
  5. Return hands to mat or blocks and return feet to L Front Lunge position.
  6. Transition to R Front Lunge and repeat.

Warrior Two

  1. Begin in Warrior One position.
  2. Inhale while lowering straight arms to shoulder level and rotating torso until straight.
  3. Maintain 90° angle in L knee – do not allow L knee to pull inward.
  4. Work to keep hips facing forward.
  5. Turn head so gaze is looking down L arm. Hold for 4-5 full slow breaths.
  6. Return to Warrior One and back into Front Lunge.


  1. From R Front Lunge, step R foot back and place next to foot L.
  2. Body should be in a straight line from feet to shoulders.
  3. Engage core and breathe deeply. Do not let hips sag.
  4. Hold pose for 3-4 full slow breaths.
  5. Transition to Downward Dog or lower slowly to the floor.

Downward Dog

  1. From Plank Position, inhale and press hips back and up toward ceiling until in an inverted V. Hands and feet should not move from mat.
  2. Spread fingers wide, exhale and press shoulders away from ears.
  3. Gently press heels toward mat.
  4. Hold for 3 full slow breaths.
  5. Transition to Child’s Pose or return to Plank position.

Child’s Pose

  1. From Downward Dog, inhale and slowly lower knees to mat keeping hands forward.
  2. Exhale and lower hips until sitting on heels or yoga block.
  3. Stretch body forward and rest arms on floor, stomach on thighs and forehead on mat.
  4. Hold for 3-4 full slow breaths.


  1. From Child’s Pose, inhale and rise onto hands and knees.
  2. Open arms to shoulder width and knees to hip width. Spread fingers into mat.
  3. Inhale deeply. Exhale while gently pulling abdominal muscles inward towards spine. Tuck your tail bone down and under. Gently contract your glutes.
  4. Press middle of back upward, rounding the spine. Curl head inward looking toward knees.
  5. Transition to Cow Pose or return to neutral spine and Child’s Pose.


  1. From Cat Pose, inhale and lift hips and chest toward ceiling, allowing stomach to sink towards the floor.
  2. Lift head and look forward.
  3. Exhale and return to Cat Pose or neutral spine position.